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Training and Professional Development

Training and professional development can play a key role in the successful implementation of environmental programs, including environmental management and stewardship. Through the development and delivery of a spectrum of educational activities, staff from the lowest to the highest position within an organization can enhance the environmental activities of the organization. Training can include:

  • Familiarization with laws, regulations and environmental permits;
  • Best Management Practices and Good Environmental Standard Operating Protocols;
  • Identifying environmental issues and ensuring compliance;
  • Minimizing impacts to the environment;
  • Awareness of environmental management systems;
  • Implementing environmental management; E
  • Environmental auditing and reporting.

Recent Projects

Training of Inland Waterways Staff From Dept. of Communications of the Provinces of Guangdong and Jiangsu, China

Saint Lucia: Environmental Management

Training of 3rd Inland Waterways Project Staff and Contractors, Hunan Province, China







Staff of Land & Sea Environmental Consultants have developed and delivered a full spectrum of training, professional development and awareness programs. These have included half-day and full day seminars, five/ten/fifteen day working/training programs and standard semester length university-style courses. Participants have ranged from contractors and site inspectors to City Councils and Mayors. Our staff fist meet with the Client to ensure the scope of program and the type of delivery best suit the training participants. Since many of our lectures have been given in foreign countries, we are used to working closely with translators.

Another critical part of training and professional development is to “train the trainers”. In this method, one set of staff is fully trained and become proficient in the appropriate information. They in turn teach other staff during work periods, so that the information is distributed as far and as smoothly as possible.


Please refer to the attached PDF files for some examples of recent projects.


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