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Environmental Assessment

Traditionally, environmental assessment (EA) meant the assessment of impacts before a project was constructed. Subsequently, the concept was extended to include assessment of impacts from operations and from abandonment/demolition. While the general process has remained the same, the role of EA has changed with the adoption of environmentally sustainable development. Environmental principles and practices now form a key role throughout the project cycle:

  • Assessment of policies and long-range plans; for example, improvements to all forms of transport during resource development and industrialization of a river delta area (strategic environmental assessment).
  • Inclusion of environmental considerations in design of specific project components (environmental planning);
  • Assessment of public input and public issues (public consultation plan);
  • Assessment of a specific project, including construction, operations and abandonment/demolition phases (environmental impact assessment).
  • Assessment of a series of inter-related projects (e.g., series of locks and dams along a river to improve navigation) (cumulative impacts assessment);
  • Definition of best practices for construction (environmental action or environmental management or environmental protection plan);
  • Assessment of effects resulting from the project (environmental compliance and effects monitoring plans)

While appearing to be very complex, the inclusion of environmental considerations from the earliest initiation of a project actually improves timelines, ensures a more environmentally sustainable project with broader public acceptance and provides for less environmental impact.

Land & Sea Environmental has undertaken all or part of the various components of environmental assessment, working with private, government and international financial institutional Clients. We have also undertaken “peer reviews” of assessments for Clients to ensure all issues are fully addressed and meet the particular policies and protocols of the financial institution funding the project. Our work in Canada and in several foreign countries has provided us with a strong background in the principles of environmental assessment.

Please refer to the attached PDF files for some examples of recent projects.

Recent Projects

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